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“My leg veins first became a problem during my third pregnancy.  I developed multiple veins  below my knee in my right leg that became increasingly swollen and painful as my pregnancy progressed.  I expected that the problem would go away after the birth of my son, but it didn’t.   Travelling any long distances required me to keep my leg elevated or endure constant throbbing and aching.  I had several more superficial veins injected which eliminated those, but the deeper veins continued to ache and throb.  The constant aching was made worse by the itching, bleeding and irritation of the skin on top of the varicose veins.  Once I realized that I could have this corrected permanently at the Sudbury Vein Clinic, I was excited.  I found the staff at SVC to be professional and competent and the EVLT procedure itself was painless and easy.  The results were almost immediate.  I no longer have any pain, aching or throbbing.  My leg looks like it never had any varicose veins or procedure, in fact it just looks like it did before my pregnancy! I am totally thrilled with my procedure and experience at SVC and will not hesitate to recommend this clinic to friends and family. ”


SVC patient, EVLA performed January 2013


“My father and mother have both fought their own battles with leg veins, so it was no surprise when I began to develop severe varicose veins at the age of fifteen.  Being a self conscious teenager, I constantly chose to cover my legs up rather than risk questions and potential humiliation. I refused to own a pair of shorts and I wouldn’t dream of wearing a dress or skirt without nylons.

It wasn’t only the look of my legs that bothered me. My varicose veins would often throb and become tender after physical activity.  I was worried that these issues would only worsen with age.  My consultation with Dr. Barr was an eye opener. He used an ultrasound to show me exactly what was going on with my veins and explained to me the best way to treat them.  I underwent the EVLA procedure  on both of my legs just a few months ago. I was nervous on the day of my procedure but Dr. Barr and the Sudbury Vein Clinic staff were great. They chatted with me through the entire process and made sure that I felt  entirely comfortable.

I’ve already noticed an incredible difference in the look and the feel of my legs!  I don’t experience any of the aching or cramping that I used  to and I no longer fear being questioned on the appearance of my legs.  Looks like I can finally buy a pair of shorts!”

SVC patient, EVLA performed February 2013